Restore System/Config: From which file in backup?

  • I have a new robot, and a backup from an existing robot in the field. I need to make the System/Config on the new robot the same as the System/Config on the existing robot. Is there a file (or files) in the backup that I can load to make this happen? (LR Mate 200 iD)

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  • If you want to make it a clone then just do a restore of the image.

    Besides '' - otherwise you'll have a problem with mastering then.

    So clearing up:

    1. Make AOA backup (new robot) - Image could also be helpful if anything happens.

    2. Load Image from existing robot to the new robot.

    3. Load '' to the new robot from the backup made at the beginning (point 1).

    Then you have the clone. But you need to be sure the mechanical units and controllers are exactly the same.

  • Good point about restoring the mastering file of the new robot after restoring the image of existing robot—noted for future reference.

    I don't know if this new machine is an exact clone of the previous machine. (I'm also new here.) It might be possible to determine whether it is an exact clone, but at this point it's probably easier to enter the Config settings manually than start over.

    I have already loaded the backup files for numerical registers, position registers, digital IO, and some other file names that I recognize. In the past, I've always entered the System/Config settings manually, according to a set protocol for interface with the PLC. The protocol for this application is not the same, and (as it happens) it would be better to load that protocol from the backup than to rely on memory.

    Is there a backup file that is known to contain the System/Config parameters?

  • That data would be stored in Be careful to only ever copy between robots if they are the exact same model with the same software version and revision i.e. V9.30P/15

    You can copy images between robots, granted make sure you load afterwards, but, you will need to get a License Authorization Code (LAC) from Fanuc, or it will post a nuisance alarm at every power cycle. LAC's are free from Fanuc, you just need to give them some specific information to generate one for you.

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