DX200 - Can I use Shock Sense To Assist Robot Guidance/Movement?

  • Our application uses a camera to both identify the circular shape of a post/pedestal inside of a mold aswell as look at a rack with mandrels on it and pick one off the rack to then place inside the mold. In both cases, the robot uses the center of the circles as a reference point when picking mandrels and placing them.

    Our issue is that there is very little tolerance when both the end effector is entering the mandrel and when the mandrel is placed on the pedestal so we occasionally get binding and eventually trip on a collision. We've already tried mechanical corrections like alignment and smoothing surfaces as much as we can so we're trying software now.

    Our Shock sensor settings are as high as we're comfortable going so we're trying to identify if we can program the robots motion in such a way that it can correct based of the shock sensor or at the very least release tool1 when placing the mandrel and experiencing the binding. (I know this sounds bad but we'd only release knowing the mandrel is atleast part way on pedestal and let gravity do the rest).

    Any help appreciated.

    PS. please give general example of code if necessary as I'm still new to programming robots.

    PSS. Please feel free to comment alternative approaches to our problem if trying to use the shock sensor reading isn't the best way.

    Thank you,

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  • Yrc1000 controller has a variable PX050 that reads the torque of motors in real time and those values can be used for programing. As far as I know dx200 does not have this variable so the shock sensor is used just for "emergency stopping"

  • DX200 also has $Px050 if the software is new enough.

    Compliance devices are also available as well as MotoFit.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • Thank you Ijuba and 95devils.

    Still pretty green with this stuff.

    I couldn't find PX050 or $P050 directly. From examples I've found in manuals, I can try to do "GETS P050 $P050" correct?

    However when I try to do this, the 2 entries are Bits (B), how do I change to P?

    • Helpful

    Yes, it's GETS PX050 $PX050. The first PX050 is where you want the data stored. The second (with $) is a system variable dedicated to the torque.

    On the Edit Buffer Line with the cursor on the GETS, press SELECT. You are now in the DETAIL EDIT screen. Cursor to the far right to the symbol with the two down arrows. Press SELECT. Cursor to PX. Press SELECT.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

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