Controlling KUKA KSD1-32 Drivers without KUKA controll cabinet

  • Hello guys,

    Lately we bought multiple second hand robots who used in the past external axes, since now we dont use them anymore we got multiple KUKA drivers.

    My question is, does anyone controlled a driver like this without a KUKA cabinet for different applications or does anyone has some specific doumentation for them?

    I didnt find some dedicated documentation for the drivers only some details in the KUKA ServoMotors documentation.

    Thank you very much!

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  • Hello;

    KSD Drives brand Lenze and OEM manufactured for KUKA. It have interbus S communication and does not have control algorithm on drive. It control by DSE and only receive control word, speed and torque reference value and send status word and actual speed to DSE. You should be solve Interbus telegram and adapt to own control system. It is possible but you can buy same functional drive as little cost. I mean it is not worth for your effort.

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