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  • Hello experts ,

    I am setting up a second pallet station and the Robot is more busy than before. New stations taught and it moves to five different positions across the J1 angle of about 260 deg approx. I am a novice in robotics and want to ensure , if the new travel paths to second pallet and infeed stations and back to station 1 are not creating stress to axes. In general what all parameters to be checked when robot is working to ensure the new added movements are not creating stress and disturbances.

    Thank you for the responses.:)

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  • My old school approach would be to check the J1 motor temperature after a typical shift. My personal, undocumented temp where I start getting nervous is around 120F (50C). The cooler, the better.

    Always look to minimize stress by optimizing motion, use joint and continuous positions whenever possible. Make sure the robot is not running full speed to a position only to wait many seconds.

    If still running hot, contact Fanuc and/or your integrator and discuss adding a fan kit option to J1 axis.

    Make sure the robot gets its grease exchange PM as scheduled, sooner than recommended if it runs hot.

  • Thank you for helping!

    I am now facing DCAL alarm. after 40 mins of run. The normal temp of J1,J2 and J3 is from 35-40. Ambient temp itself 35 deg. When it stops with DCAL alarm the temp are 54,62,63 deg for J1, J2 and J3 respectively. Could not locate the root cause for alarm , however trying to smooth the motion.The disturbance of J2 and J3 is exceeding value of 2 than max allowed, but there is no warning for disturbance excess. The payload also I have configured to maximum permissible weight.

    Question is because of motor heat the dcal arises? Indeed the disturbance exceeded than max should be avoided, but is it related to the dcal alarm ? The J1 is already equipped with fan kit.

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