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  • Some time ago, while on Fanuc CRC chat, I relayed a problem that I was experiencing. They asked me why I wasn't running Revision M, which fixed the problem I was describing. The short answer is that I didn't know there was a new revision. I'm currently running version R and see that S is available. It would be nice to see what is new to each version without having to download and extracting the entire package. Is this information listed anywhere?

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  • It is in the engineering bulletins on the CRC site. You just have to check it occasionally.

    Exactly what I needed. Saves me from wasted DL and install time for no beneficial feature (for me). Thanks!

    ROBOGUIDE V9S adds support for new features and robots in V9.40P/10, V9.30P/15, V9.10P/33, V8.30P/60,
    and V8.20P/35 software:
    What's new in V9S:
     Support for V9.40P/11, V9.30P/15, V9.10P/33, V8.30P/60, and V8.20P/35 virtual robots.

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