Yaskawa motoman dx100 shifting

  • I have been working on a motoman using shifts they work alright but the moment you stop the program or step back it will lose its shift and I can’t figure out why.

  • SFTON and SFTOF only work with Play or INTERLOCK+TEST START in Teach. You can't use the FWD/BWD keys by default setting to activate these commands. So if you do stop the program in the middle after a SFTON, use INTERLOCK+TEST START to finish it.

    Not sure which generation controller you are working on, but the SFTON/SFTOF functions works pretty much the same from NX100 through YRC1000.

    Best of luck

  • Interlock + Fwd should work. But what the OP is saying is the at any time you move the cursor either up or down a line or lines, the shift is thrown out the window. That has bitten me quite a few times. About a month ago I spent extra HOURS checking a program because I had to touch up the unshifted positions, and then start running the program all over again from the beginning. Not fun.

  • What we do is it will track the shift at first but say we needed to go back a step it would lose the shift but we were still in the shift block

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