Loading .PC file to robot

  • Hi,

    I have a LR Mate 200ic/5L with an R-30iA Mate controller.

    I made a backup of the robot and created a new workcell in handling pro.

    I was modified a kl file that we had, and compiled it in handling pro to get a .PC file. When i tried to load the .PC file in the controller, it said that it's loaded but i can't find it in the program list when i press [SELECT].

    I'm new to fanuc robot and i can't find anywhere what's the problem.


    Edit: I do have R632 and R567 option in the controller

  • AD
  • Hmm, how did you load the program to the robot? Did you do it over the network by exporting in Roboguide? Or did you copy to a USB drive and then load on the robot?

    I'm using a CompactFlash SD card (see attached jpg).

    When i'm in the file menu, i press [UTIL]->[Set Device]->[Mem Device (MC:)] to access the content.

    I can see the pc file and load it, but it's not showing anywhere else.

  • Ok,

    One of my collegue just found the problem, I changed the name of the file but not the name of the program in the file, so i was just overwriting the old already existing program :S.

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