• Dear Experts,

    I'm trying to configure a PROFIBUS Communication between a PLC S7300(Master) and Fanuc Robot(Slave).

    I'm using Simatic Manager to do the program and setup the configuration on the PLC Master, I install the robot GSD file "rj3c0a2d.gsd" on Simatic manager.

    Device Address

    -PLC 1

    -Robot 3 64 Input/64 Output Bytes

    Transmission Rate: 1.5Mbps

    I just can see the Slave and the communication exist, but can't see any more because say "Online:Connection could not be established. The connection partner is not responding"

    Can someone explain exactly what are the parameters to be configured on the robot?...and if I need change something on Simatic Manager, please

    The Fanuc documentation is unfortunately not quite understandable.

    Enclosed see my pictures from my configuration.


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