C4G lost coniguration file

  • After an abnormal power shutdown, the Smart NJ 420-3.0 robot generates error 28872-1 1-INFO # # SYSTEM IN MINIMAL CONFIGURATION # #.

    WinC4G recommends loading the correct configuration file "* .C4G," which, like, should be on the UD disk in the\SYS folder.

    This file, if I correctly understood from the manual, contains the hardware configuration of the robot - the number and type of axes, the presence of field bus interfaces, etc.

    For some reason, it is not on our disc. Maybe it;s for CF card fault.

    Where to get it? Or is it possible to somehow create a new one?

    Domestic Comau turned us away to the integrator. The integrator, who is in Italy, did not find a backup of our file and for the third week communicates with the Italian Comau. Does anyone have a config file of the same robot? (True, the robot is old, 2008)

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  • And inside the SYS folder on robot backup You can also find a *.bk4 file, that is a previous saved version of the *.c4g file.

    If the .c4g file isn't good for any reason, You can change the extension from .bk4 to c4g and load it on the robot.

    Since the the bk4 is a backup, You will maybe need to make some adjustments/configurations on your robot.

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