TCP Shift is throwing Reference positions out of tolerance

  • I installed TCP Shift on a adhesive dispensing robot. IT works great for maintaining the TCP and therefore the adhesive patterns on our parts. But every once in awhile I have to redefine my reference position for home to give the robot a production start. I can't find any information on a work around for this. I'm afraid to open the tolerance up too much for my joint positions for the Reference position for home.

    Has any one else had this issue or a solution? Am i missing something?

  • AD
  • .5 degrees on all axis's. I did find a solution though. The reference position for home is also a PR. Someone went into the representation of all the PR's and changed the representations to cartesian. Apparently this forces the robot to move the TCP, wherever that has been defined, to the PR data if it represented in cartesian. I changed the representation to joint and now it moves the robot to the joint position I defined. All is well.

    Thanks for the reply HawkME

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