Communication between Matlab and FANUC Roboguide

  • The cloud app could be used for data collection

    App1 will get the image data from a camera mounted in the robot cell and send it to App2 which

    process this raw image with computer vision and AI algorithm, as well as validate trajectories given by the AI algorithm before sending them to the robot along with the position of detected parts in the image to the robot.

    App1 only sends the data to App2 when App2 requests it and commands the robot to move along the trajectories provided by App2.

    This is what needs to be done and I am exploring ways in this journey and getting help from the experience of the users of this form to keep me on track. So what do you say about the approach I am following also have you work with image data in KAREL?

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  • Your explanation makes sense. I have not tried to export an image from IrVision. I think you would be better of using a 3rd party vision system in that case. Fanuc's IrVision is intended to do all the processing within the robot programming, but since you want to send that image out to be processed it doesn't really make sense to use integrated vision.

  • I think you would be better of using a 3rd party vision system in that case

    Actually, due to available resources from institutions I have to use the cell cam of the FANUC education cell, and purchasing a 3rd party camera like AWS deep-Lenz will take a lot of time so I do not waste my time for the purchase of 3rd party camera. So I am using that cam for taking pictures as KAREL has built-in for saving pictures in image registers as well as other useful vision built-in.

    Yesterday I tried V_SNAP_VIEW and got 1171 status code from that built-in and have no idea for what this code points. Can you please tell me about it? Out in the world is there a document that lists such status codes from KAREL and their meanings? i searched but did not find relevant documents.

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