Virtual Commissioning with Tecnomatix-Siemens Process Simulate

  • I am working on PS 16.1. I am simulating an automation cell with external connection option OPC DA. While running the simulation I am facing problem of simulation speed. At start PS simulation time is 1:1 with real time but as PS simulation time progresses the ratio becomes more than 1:1.

    For eg: around 2800 sec in PS, 1 minute in PS simulation is equal to 3 minutes in real time.

    If I run it in CEE mode, I do not face this problem.

    What can be the reason for this ? I have tried every option in PS related to graphics but still problem exists. How to optimize the simulation speed ?

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    I have also observed this behavior while doing Virtual Commissioning with Process Simulate, with other robot brands.

    At that time we consulted Siemens, but had no good answer about this. On our case, we had a huge cell, with lots of robots and devices.

    Anyway, the clock on path editor was showing the "right" time in the end of the simulation, so we were using it as our reference.

    I'm moving this thread to Process Simulate board, as look as this is a Process Simulate, and not a KUKA problem.

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