Fanuc Arc 100 mate, R-J controller for 150$

  • hello, this is my first post 🙂

    I'm a student and u study robotis, but we are working with ABB IRC5 controllers, so i have no clue about FANUC rovots/controllers. And not my teacher also. :grinning_squinting_face:

    I'm looking for a cuting robot for smal thing cnc style.

    I have an offer for an old FANUC ARC Mate 100 with R-J controller for 150$. Its for a hobby to learn more. But what pros and cons is there? I dont like to buy 500kg of metal.

    To the questions,

    how do i start it? ( there is not a lot of youtube videos out there).

    And controll it?

    Menory of the controller? Backup? (No memory = dead)?

    Computer software to of offline?

    How do i send files?

    Is there an CAM/CAD that you use? (RoboDK?)

    What to look for? Std bad things.

    Is it a GOOD Robot?

    One of the problem is, is hard to find any information about R-j controller, most is for newer versions of controllers.

    Please help what to do. Or is it beter to say with ABB controllers?

    Rrgards Claes

  • It's a really, really, really old robot :smiling_face: It's OK robot, but right now it's old - can't judge whether is good or not, mostly depends of mechanical unit condition.

    Well... the most probably you won't get any manual in electronic verion - they don't exist :winking_face:

    Maybe paper versions could be bought from Fanuc, but they will be more expensive than robot :smiling_face:

    Try to find manuals for ARC Mate 100 with R-J2 controller - could be more available. Mechanical unit is the same, controller is different, but programming using Teach Pendant will be pretty much the same.

    There's no computer software to program it offline like Roboguide right now, exept eg. Notepad++ or similar, but using them you need to know sth about programming Fanuc.

    Good luck! It's a good start :smiling_face:

  • Often you can buy manuals on ebay.

    Even for a not working robot, 150 euro is an excellent price.

    Sell a few parts, and you will have a big profit. (If you can find a buyer…)

    Very important is, is the core software still there, without it the robot will not work.

    It is maintained by a 3 volt battery, and when the battery is dead, the robot is too.

    Then you will have to reload the software.

    In that case, you will need the install floppys.

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