• I am watching the different threads on this forum and it seems that kvga is a litte bit of a problem and confusing

    My suggestions:

    - collect information on all the different cards

    - picture of the card (kuka order number)

    - Main board version (at which slot the card is sitting)

    - KSS version

    - how it was set up for the different modes (sm.com, setup (in device manager))


    -creating a matrice showing all the differencies and overcome already known issues

    Any ideas are very welcome

    In my natural language: "pack mers oh" or "doa mears"

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  • first of all: thanx for all the feed back I got so far!

    I checked about half of all the threads listed here.

    There are different problems mentioned:

    Hardware problems:

    mainboard, mfc, vga and kcp

    connection problems:

    x19 and kcp

    These problems will be covered in other posts


    Ignorance of checking and following the documentation!

    The kcp is the main screen for kr c1x, kr c2x!

    The kcp is also the main monitor.

    Therefore: you cannot change

    type of monitor


    If you add another monitor all what you have to do is

    call sm.com in autoexec.com for some types

    change the property of kvga2 device

    The additional monitor is just an extension of the main monitor (and only must display this screen)

    (BOF size is 640x480)

  • given the number of questions about KRC1 and KRC2 one would think that those who stand to gain the most would be delighted at the opportunity to create a nice reference for the robot related issue. it would be nice to tell apart components, have compatibility chart, correct settings etc.

    but... reality is clearly something different. most people seem to be just selfish and self serving.

    they don't want to share or collaborate.

    they don't want tools to help themselves.

    they don't want to read or think...

    they don't want to learn.

    they want professional service - and they want it for free. X/

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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