RO's are not opening and closing the pneumatic solenoids

  • Alright, I cannot seem to figure this one out. I am a high school teacher with a Lincoln Classmate Cell that has a ARCMATE 50 id 7L (LR Mate 200 id 7L) I took off the welding head and replaced it with a Schunk Pneumatic Gripper so I can have an extra robot running in my classroom. I have the pneumatic lines hooked up ports RO1 and RO2. I have Air hooked up to Port 2 on the Rear of the robot. When I cycle the RO1 and RO2 which has been paired, on the teach pendant the solenoids wont activate. What am I missing?

    Thanks for your help in advance!!!!!

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  • Your air lines may be good, but check power going into solenoid valve. You should see some form of a light turn on (on the valve itself) whenever you activate the RO1 or RO2. If this light is not coming on, then most likely a wiring issue to the valves. Not sure how your i/o is wired, but if you are using fanuc i/o block, you should be able to measure 24vdc from the output of the cards going into the valve. Or if you are using PLC, then the same applies, you should see 24vdc from output of card going into valves.

    I'm assuming you were not using these valves with the welding head and only recently added them?

  • The solenoid is internal to the robot. Are you sure it is labeled correctly? Take out the plugs and see where the air flows. Try toggling the other ROs to to see what happens.

    Are RO 1 and 2 set up complimentary?

    What is your air pressure?

  • As I see it's labeled correctly. Try to disconnect air tubes from the gripper and toggle your outputs. If air is switching from one line to another, then I will recommend to check your air pressure or the gripper functionality. If air is not switching from one line to another, then it could be a problem with the solenoid valve.

  • Timothy

    I think you are going to have to open the cover and check if first of all, the robot has valves and second, if they actually wired

    The reason I'm saying this is because we buy scara robots and sometimes by mistake in the purchase order we do not order the right pneumatic configuration and R0 and R1 are used already .We take the cover off and rewire them for our own use.

    My point is maybe because there was a welding head before they bypassed the valves

    Retired but still helping

  • Thank You all for your help. I just opened up the side covers to try to see the solenoids, Man is it cramped space, and it is really hard to see them. see picture. when I cycle through the RO I do not see a light or here a click from a solenoid. Which means they do not exist or they are not wired.

    Let me make sure, The solenoids are located in the block that houses the 6 ports right.

  • I can not confirm this "Let me make sure, The solenoids are located in the block that houses the 6 ports right."

    You should be able to hear the solenoid going on and off. By the way, this might sound obvious but Did you turn on/off the other ROs ?

    Retired but still helping

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