KCP no display after Windows starts

  • Hello all,

    I am having a weird issue with my KCP display. I just put a new SSD, fresh XP and KSS 5.3.2 install onto my KRC2 cabinet (both files straight from Kuka and used on another system successfully). When the system turns on the KCP displays all the startup visuals and will also work in the BIOS, but once it goes into Windows the display goes black. I know it is still turned on because there is some damage to the LCD that only shows when it is turned on, and all the buttons work to control the robot and controller. I tried poking around the display settings in Windows and it is showing the auxiliary display card as Default and not showing any options to turn on dual display output. It should be noted with the original HDD and system software installed the KCP works fine.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be switched? The last robot I recommissioned the same way and had to change windows settings to get my VGA monitor working, but now it seems the other way around.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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  • actually I am a little bit confused.

    What kind of kvga do you have?

    for one version you have to put sm.com in autoexec.bat. In the next generation you have to got to the device manager to setup where you want to see the outputs. Having fresh XP and straight forward KSS 5.3 (which is actually Daimler) you should see nothing on external monitor but KCP only. How many graphics you have installed? Is it really a KR C2 or KR C2 ed05?

    Make screen shots from ever you get a valid screen and your device manager on how many display adapters are actually have active

  • MOM,

    This unit was a Daimler machine. It was sold as being upgraded to KR C2 ed05 but started as a KR C2. I included photos of device manager, and the currently installed cards. This is the second of 4 machines I am setting up like this and the first one was as you said, no video on external monitor until I turned it on in windows.


  • The only things I have used are a Windows XP file and a KSS file both straight from KUKA. I have not connected to internet to allow Windows to download anything.

  • first of all you have a kr c2 (soyo 133). Right now I can also see the isa slots. I think the problem is the resolution you set. You must have 640x480 as resolution (must be set for KCP and not for your monitor)

    (also number of colors)

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