Handle system errors in Ext mode

  • Hello,

    I have a pick and place system with a KR3 R540 robot with a KRC4 compact controller with KSS 8.6.6. It is commanded by a PLC so the robot is always in EXT mode.

    The issue I have is that I don't know how to acknowledge certain errors that happen sporadically like "Workspace error" for example without switching to T1 mode and acknowledging it manually. What I'd like is to handle this error by letting the PLC know what's happened and have the CELL.SRC be restarted so the robot does its return home motion and it can start again.

    This error doesn't seem to be acknowledged by using the CONF_MESS input so I don't know how to make so that it disappears and STOPMESS goes low.

    Can anyone help me with this?


  • Try and search for the file KrcExtConfMsg.xml in folder C:\KRC\Roboter\Config\User\Common i think.

    Write down message number and set parameter "AllowConfInExt="true" and reboot with reload files.

    <Message Number="123456" AllowConfInExt="true" />

    Maybe this will help.

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