Communication TIA portal and YRC profinet master/slave

  • Hi everyone,

    If anyone has some idea on how to exchange communication robot controller (YRC 1000) and PLC (TIA portal).

    I mean not digital IO but rather using profinet or Ethernet, or may be alotting IO externally.

    If so could you share some info.....

    regards from Asgard

  • Hi TSGIR,


    You can use Siemens CP1616 card to install in the YRC1000 and connect YRC controller and PLC.

    The controller already has CP1616. Problem is I have no Idea on how to install/ get it work, on the controller, do you have any suggestion for me.

  • I have followed the steps from the Profinet communication for YAS 2.xx.xx firmware / older one

    My question is How the IO mapping between both the systems are done...?

    PLC : where the Input and Outputs should be alloted or allocated

    CP1616: Using External I/O signal they could be accessible (Example #20067 or #30067)

  • When you config the CP1616 in the YRC controller, you can map the inputs and outputs addresses.

    Address from #20010 to #20057 are for external input and you can map from #20060 to ... for CP1616, the number of byte for use is important, for example you need 6 byte for use, the address can start from #20060 and for 6byte you need #20060 to #20067, #20070 to #20077, #20080 to #20087, #20090 to #20097, #20100 to #20107, #20110 to #20117.

    The address from #20060 to #20067 is for system and show communication is established or not. You can use from #20070 to #20117 in your system now.

    After config you must create GSD file in YRC and load it on your PLC and these addresses can map in your PLC too.

  • and these addresses can map in your PLC too.


    I am trying but may I am missing something. Could you share some detailed info :tired_face:on this part, mapping cp1616 and PLC in particular.

    Thanks in advance....

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