Milling spindle on/off during Powermill krl program execution in KSS 5.6.12

  • Do you have an idea on how many i/o's are actualle have available?

    According to one of your picture at least 4096 I/O!

    As panic mode said the corresponding ini files would be very helpful

  • These i/o's should be available with appropriate ProfiBus or DeviceNet i/o module, that none was present when I received the robot.

    Before the next step - ordering i/o module, let give a try for another option.

    I have Delta VFD E-series inverter / spindle speed regulator. It's already connected with the spindle and spindle starts/stops with manual pressing inverter's run/stop button.

    Delta VFD E-series inverter has communication RJ-45 connector. The both, Delta VFD E-series inverter and RJ-45 connector are shown at the images bellow.

    May I ask, does the Delta VFD E-series inverter's communication RJ-45 connector can be used for communication with the Kuka DeviceNet card in order to start/stop the spindle?

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    Wiring a port converter from RJ45 to DE9 would be simple. But as RS485 and RS232 use different voltage levels, and one is single-ended while the other is "push-pull," you would also need a voltage level converter. Something like these.

    The bigger issue is whether the protocol is compatible. If the VFD is capable of 2-way communication over RS485, how is that being handled? RS232 has one pin for TX, another for RX, but RS485 uses both pins for a single channel, inverting the voltage between them. Then there's the issue of baud rates, whether the VFD will accept simple ASCII strings or requires some sort of custom coding, whether a normal serial port can even be configured to speak the correct protocol....

  • the only issue with rs232 to rs485 converter is how

    to config rs232 to speak the correct protocol

    rx tx pins to differential are not problem these handled by converter.

    I have done this to operate a vfd from pc rs232

    with rs232 to rs485 converter via modbus protocol.

    In kss how you can config rs232 to speak a protocol like modbus?

  • In kss how you can config rs242 to speak a protocol like modbus?

    I'm not sure that's possible. Mostly the RS232 on the KRC2s was used for simple string send/receive. There was a supported protocol for a particular type of weld timer, IIRC, and... something for Perceptron vision systems? But I don't recall a ModBus option. That said, it's been a long time since I played with KRC2 RS232, and almost everything I did back then was simple string communications. I supposed it might be possible to program the SPS to "fake" ModBus over the serial port, but I'm honestly not certain.

  • just decide what you want to do.

    adding DI/DO using DeviceNet is simple. communicating with VFD over DeviceNet may be an option too. then you can have more control options.

    some I/O are obviously built in since there are some terminals.

    also google your own VFD and see what I/O specs and configuration options are.

    also check what communication options are supported.

    one the first hits was manufacturer website showing E-Series:

    right there one can see that DeviceNet Option is available as a little plugin module and price is simply unbeatable:

    you do not need Siemens software to configure it, just use robots teach pendant. And you get not just start/stop but full control of the drive. if you want to see more about DeviceNet on KRC2, search this forum. Either built in search or google can be used...

    And if you want to use plain digital I/O (which always comes in handy), there is tons of options.

    you do want to be able to sense if VFD is faulted, reset fault etc so couple of inputs and outputs does not hurt. using additional 1 or 2 outputs you can switch parameter sets and control speed for example.

    for Milling i would rather keep electronics clean and safe inside an enclosure rather than mount it on arm (even though units with suitable IP ratings exist).

    Some of those have a mix of inputs and outputs in one unit such as AB


    But it could be modular too like Beckhoff

    BK5220, KL1104, KL2134, KL9010

    or Wago

    750-306, 750-402, 750-504, 750-600


    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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