Variable Allocation

  • I am pretty new with Motoman and I am looking to change the variable allocation but I do not have the system button in the main menu so I am unable to navigate where I need to go. Is there a condition where this button is not visible? Below is a snippet from the manual that I have been following. YRC1000 controller and I am using the motosim simulator to prewrite programs/setup before I get access to the powered on robot.


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  • The manual explained, Hold MAIN MENU key on the pendant and turn ON controller. The controller come up in maintenance mode.

    Change security mode to management and go to SYSTEM.

    Select SETTUP, OPTION FUNCTION and find VARIABLE ALLOCATION. This is same as picture that you sent.

  • Backup individual files first if programming has been done. Expanding the variables will require certain files (Jobs for one) to be initialized.

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