Add HMI on a R-J3iB Mate

  • Hi everyone,

    I need to add an HMI on a LR Mate 200iB with R-J3iB,

    The HMI will be use for interact with the robot without passing by the teachpendant for production's employees.

    Via the HMI we'll be able to change some jog point.

    I did some research but i don't find if it's possible.

    I need your help to know if is possible and wich HMI can do that.

    Thanks for your help, have a nice day ^^.

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  • Do you have any I/O interface in the robot? What kind of?

    You can use any HMI - it's only a communication issue just to pass the data to the robot.

    Thanks for your respons,

    I have some RS232-C interface on the front of the robot controller, this RS232-C go into this connector on the CPU. swij.jpg

  • Do you have anything else, like: Profibus, DvNet?

    Using RS232-C is not so convenient to connect it - possible, but not so easy.

    You also have I/O Link, but then you need to buy some I/O's extension.

    The best and the easiest, in my opinion is Probibus, DvNet, etc.

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