I pendant Compatibility

  • So I may have made a dumb purchase..

    I wanted to "upgrade" the teach pendant on my Fanuc R30iA controller with R2000iB/150U Robot, because this robot has a 7th axis I wanted the extra jog button on the bottom that some pendants have. The original I Pendant I have is a A05B-2518-C200#EMH, the new one I bought is a A05B-2255-C100#EMH, so right away I notice the connector plug is different, so the question is, is this as simple as getting the correct cable for the new pendant or did I buy a pendant that is not compatible with my robot? :fearful_face:

    any help is appreciated, thanks

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  • I know Fanuc switched from RS-232 to some different form of ethernet protocol. It either happened between RJ3-iB and R30iA, or R30iA and R30iB. I am pretty sure it is the later, which would explain the different pin-out.

    I hope you can return the pendant if you cannot use it, they don't come cheap.

  • Thanks pdl for the reply.

    the connector looks to be the same, and has the same amount of pins, its just the "keys" that align the orientation don't match up, so I am still hoping maybe I just need a new cable. Is there any way to know which controller version that teach pendant is for?

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