Information: Replacing Mastering Gauge Cartridge

  • Hey all,

    I had difficulties finding information on the hardware and procedures necessary to replace the gauge cartridges required for mastering my company's various Kuka arms. I am putting information and images that I have gathered here, for the reference of others. Our robot collection is as follows: KR 1000 titan, KR 1000 titan F, KR 360-2, and KR 360-2 L240. I have, however, endeavored to put further information here that may help y'all with other robots as well.

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    In order to replace gauge cartridges, Kuka recommends you purchase additional hardware. This hardware differs dependent on the size of gauge cartridge you are replacing.

    A. Mini Gauge Cartridge


    - Article #: 0000-200-304; Identification #: AR8665

    - Found (generally) on smaller robots (check Kuka Xpert for specific models)

    - Requires the Gauge cartridge install. aid, hex key (see below)

    B. Gauge Cartridge (A0), long


    - Article #: 0000-107-331; Identification #: AR9319

    - Found on most robots, linear units, etc. (check Kuka Xpert for specific models)

    - Requires Assembly device for gauge cartridges (see below)

    C. Gauge Cartrige (A20), short


    - Article #: 0000-106-814; Identification #: AR9320

    - Found on a small selection of robots (check Kuka Xpert for specific models)

    - Requires Assembly device for gauge cartridges (see below)

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  • Hardware: Assembly device for gauge cartridges
    Article #: 0000-130-499; Identification #: AR42193

    Notes: Kuka Xpert has no images of this hardware, so I have supplied them here.

    WARNING: This tool can be tricky to use, read all the way through before attempting.

    The intended usage (as far as I can tell) is as follows:

    1. Assemble (See the next post for relevant image)

    2. Screw bolt as far as possible into threaded black tube (lots of thread sticking out the back)

    3. Screw threaded black tube onto gauge cartridge

    4. using nut, back out bolt until its head contacts the top surface of the gauge cartridge. WARNING: if done too tightly, you can't get the gauge cartridge out.

    Note: This is a huge issue, because if it's too loose, unscrewing it just unthreads the black tube from the cartridge. See below post "Modification of Assembly device for gauge cartridges" for notes on fixing this tool.

    5. Once the bolt is tightened, use a wrench on the black threaded tube. The gauge cartridge should unscrew from the robot.

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  • Hardware: Gauge cartridge install. aid, hex key

    Article #: 0000-204-338, Identification #: AR44046

    Notes: Kuka Xpert has no images of this hardware, so I have attached them here. We ordered this by mistake (we have no micro gauge cartridge-equipped robots), and will be returning it. See next post for a top-down view.

  • panic mode thoughts on this thread? Is there a better place for this knowledge? I was unable to find this information online, and had to spend some $$$ (and break an old gauge cartridge) to obtain it. Thought this was the best place to put documentation for the community - hopefully others can avoid my mistakes.

  • the way i look at things:

    "FORUM" = place to to have conversation and get feedback, ie. ask others for help, discus problems, troubleshooting etc. attachments here should be of a "temporary" nature or "instance" of a specific case/problem like problematic code samples, (handful of) errors or specific messages, problem archive, error screenshots, photos of nameplates etc.. these attachments are something worth seeing but not worth collecting (fragmented nature, not organized).

    "DOWNLOADS" = basically a library or repository, place to find collections of information, resources like manuals, drawings, handy utilities, list of tools, complete(ish) list of messages etc. this section is for self-help (without engaging into discussion with others...).

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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    Modification to Assembly device for gauge cartridges

    The original assembly had one crown hex nut on the end. This made it impossible to loosen the device once it was tightened on a gauge cartridge, because attempting to 'unscrew' the crown hex nut would merely remove it from the screw thread without backing out the screw. Lock-tite was also insufficient to keep the nut affixed to the shaft. We considered tack-welding the two together, but found another solution, as shown in the image below. When tightening, use the top nut. when loosening, use the bottom nut. This constantly presses the two nuts together, keeping them locked on the shaft.

  • Thank you robonovak for this procedure. I requested the procedure from KUKA as well.

    Cartridges are a bit deceptive as they have two holes that look like they are intended for a specific pin spanner/wrench to remove.

    To add to the above they suggest using a hot air gun (not flame...) to break down the thread adhesive first.

    Apply new cartridge thread with Drei Bond 5204HV to prevent any oil leaks on gearbox/wrist axis if applicable and to keep it from vibrating out.

    I have some KR120 Quantec Nano Washdown robots where the springs, and spring clips in the cartridges corroded away.

    Thanks again.

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