i have a arcmate 100 fanuc robot that was stuck in boot menu i did a cold start but now the programs are gone is there a way to retrieve them no disc that i am aware of thanks for any help

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  • scooter i canceled this. And this what the screen shot looks like after I went in the directory file. Then I went in the select file and this is the screenshot of this

  • Looks like some of the programs are there but not the one I need i also want to say this is a turntable robot. A side then b side but when I go to a side it acts funny doesn't. Give me choice right away there is a test program that has all the parameters there but will not come over to either side. Thanks for all your help

  • hey. Scooter well I went in and did what you said in the directory there were alit of programs but not the one I needed however I was wondering i have a program that is a rest 888 program and another like it that has the pariemeter in it I believe. Could I use that to reprogram the one I am missing. Here is a screen shot after I went into the directory.

  • Oh. I also have another question. This robot that we are talking about it is a fanuc 50iL robot I know about the 100s. But this one i need to know where the 4 c batteries are located at I looked around the base but really see it thanks

  • Copying a similar program and modifying it to your needs is a common fix.

    The 4 ArcMate 50iL batteries are under the axis J1 top cover. These are the A05B-1135-K200 (old # A98L-0031-0007). Here is a pic of one laying around the shop.

  • Thanks. Scooter. I did find the area where the batteries are. Thanks. Are these lithium batteries or standard industrial C batteries.

    Ok. On the copying the program and modifying it sounded like the best solution thanks

  • I was just thinking we do have that program in another teach pendant or controller . Is there a way I can copy that program into this robot we are discussing about ?

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