RS232 (com1) problem!

  • Hey,

    IRB 14000

    RW: 6.11.03


    I have a Yumi robot at the costumer that is not programmed or configured by me. So there is a problem with the RS232 port on the DSQC 1003 board inside the controller that i cannot identify. The robot is communicating with a printer via RS232-->USB and to be able to navigate and print with the printer a former programmer created a ''keyboardsimulator'' function, and what I can see is that there is ALOT of commands sending via the RS232 port per cycle... And also the RS232 communicates to a scale also, but it seems that they have installed a relay to shift it.. (No other communication way is possible by now due to costs and time..)

    And i have checked the error report in the code and it seems that the RS232 is loosing connection somehow and this doesn't happen often. And to be able to start the production again you need to restart the whole controller so the fault resets..

    The former programmer looked into this before me (and before he stopped working for the company) and contacted ABB support and they talked about a USB-Serialadapter (3HAC050406-001) that could help but ABB didnt give any guarantees that it will solve the problem. I'm going to contact ABB to look into this as this post is posted but i wanted to check if the Experts here have any other information about this problem or have encountered this before..

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

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