Analog input configuration

  • I have Fanuc robot with DI/O has been configured but now I need to add one analog sensor but I don't know if it is possible or not and what I need to check in the controller side to be sure it will accept the analog input signal

    according to Hardware I found I have only 4 modules 2 DI and another 2 DO nothing for analog I/o.

    the purpose for this is question is I need only one analog input signal so it seems like I have to buy a complete analog module only for one analog signal needed.

    another question is so when I will insert the new analog module so the controller will detect it automatically or I have to do some configuration ????

    Thanks In advance


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  • Yes, you will have to buy a "complete" module, but you already have most of the hardware so this is pretty easy. I really wouldn't call it complete without the rack and cable, but you already have those.

    Depending on the required resolution needed, you can go with a 4 input 12 bit module (currently $721 from Fanuc) or a 4 input 16 bit module (currently $1,770 from Fanuc). I have never been able to order the 16 bit card as they used to only sell them from Fanuc CNC, but I see they now have 1 in stock. Ebay and google will probably have several much cheaper options.

    Note that you will really only get 11 and 15 bits of real resolution with most analog sensors, as the inputs are bi-polar. I have never come across an industrial bi-polar analog sensor though. Usually they're either 4-20mA or 0-10v.

    If $IO_AUTO_CFG is false you will have to configure it, if true it will configure itself. I always configure myself because I just prefer to. It couldn't be any easier that with model a i/o (the yellow modules which I am guessing that you have)

    Your config would be rack 1 slot 5 start 1

  • Hi pdl,

    I have connected the analog input module and as you said I found it configured automatically and I found I have 4 channel which is correct.

    I connected the analog input ( 4MA to 20MA ) as mentioned in the manual but I noticed something very strange I am getting reading in all channel and the values are fluctuating which believe this is not good.

    I connected my sensor t0 channel 2 but I am getting values in all channels.

    any idea about the reason or what should I check?

    Thanks In Advance


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