I/F Panel. Help needed...

  • Hi Caj,

    Can you share how you got the I/F selector switch to work? I am having the same issue and would also like to control a simple Boolean value that I can then use in my programmed "IF" statements. Example "If switch is ON, do this, if not, do this, etc.". It would be nice if the selector switch could control a B variable, but it seems like the only option is a "SIGNAL". The signals appear to be Universal Outputs, but I can't seem to use the state of a Universal Output for IF statements... Any help would be appreciated. I am new to Yaskawa programming... Thank you!

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  • Thank you ljuba, but that is not the issue I am having right now. The interlock required function is changed by permitting or prohibiting in the switch setup. My issue is more what type of variable/address can I control with a bit switch ("signal" seems to be my only option) and then how can I use that bit's state to control an IF statement. I just want to perform a move if the switch is On, but skip that move if the switch is Off. Thank you for your help!

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    you can use below sample,

    For example you use #10010 signal behind the bit switch, #10010 is OT#(1).

    In your job write below

    DIN Bxxx OT#(1)


    Every thing you like work when condition is correct, you can turn on a output or use a MOV instruction here.


  • Fantastic! I believe that is exactly what I needed! The DIN command to convert the OT signal to a B variable. Then I can then use in my IF statements. Thank you so much for your help!:thumbup:^^

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