FANUC programming, Sensor stutter problem

  • RUN works just like CALL, except that it spawns a parallel process.

    I created several "background" KAREL programs that were started with the RUN command, and just looped endlessly in the background. TP programs should be able to work the same, I think, but I've never tried it.

    An internally looping TP program started by a RUN command would work a lot like a BGL program, except that it would have to include at least a small WAIT delay inside the loop -- otherwise, the program tends to eat up excessive system resources.

    To avoid the complexities of starting the background "debounce" program on boot, my first thought would be to RUN it when you pick up the part, and include some termination conditions for the program to END -- say, when the Drop command is issued, or the robot is taken out of Auto. Things like that.

    TIMERS are pretty straightforward in TP (under the Miscellaneous menu). They're a lot like Registers, but have STOP, START, and RESET commands.

  • You could do this with regular TP program and timers with a RUN statement, however I think the BGLogic solution is simpler.

    I prefer BGlogic for things like this. Multitasking with run statements adds other considerations, such as starting, stopping, the task and verifying you don't accidentally start multiple instances. With BGlogic just write your few lines of code and be done.

  • I have another question regarding DI/O file.

    If i load DIOCFGSV.IO from Roboguide into my real Robot what will this file change?

    I only want to change the comments for my DI/O list...

    Does it also affect anything like port settings, ethernet IP etc...?

    Thanks in advance

  • it changes everything. If you only want to change comments then you must load a recent copy first from the robot to Roboguide, then just change comments and send back.

    Or you can use the comment tool to only change comments.

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