Quick question about what the UR robot can be programmed to do

  • Hi, I'm working on a solution where I will be using a UR cobot to spray paint some metal components, and I'm wondering if the software (Polyscope) has the ability to make it work. I do not have access to a robot and the intended addons at this time, so I thought I'd start by asking here to see if someone can confirm my solution would be possible.

    The plan is for the cobot to have a permanent placement, and an overhead conveyor chain will bring the objects in front of the cobot. An inductive sensor will make sure the component is in front of the robot. I will also use a QR-code scanner to identify the part, with a code hanging above the component. My plan is to place this a short distance before the cobot and make it switch to the correct program/movement pattern ahead of the components' arrival in front.

    So to sum it up:

    1. Conveyor moves

    2. QR-scanner scans the code and tells the cobot which component it is. Cobot switches program (Move1, Move2, Move3 for example)

    3. Sensor determines that the object is in place.

    4. Conveyor stops.

    5. Cobot does its job.

    Will this be possible to do in the UR software?

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    UR is the only company that offers their offline simulator for free. Granted, it's far less capable than, say, Fanuc's RoboGuide, but it does provide an implementation of the actual UR controller.

    I'm no UR expert, but what you describe sounds entirely within the robot's capabilities. My bigger concerns would be how much the part swings when it stops to be sprayed, and just how you're going to interface the other equipment to the UR -- simple wired I/O, ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, etc. The URs come with a number of discrete 24V I/O terminals, but I think using FieldBus would require buying an option package.

  • Thank you very much! I can't imagine there being a lot of swinging as the parts are quite heavy, will be hung by solid rods (preferably metal) and the spray paint won't be too powerful. Universal Robot has compatible QR scanners on their website, and as far as I am aware they seem to be connected with Ethernet/IP. Sensors will be connected through I/O and so will a relay for controlling the conveyor. The idea is to keep it pretty simple.

  • As someone that uses UR a lot (I have a UR5e). The UR cobot can do what you are asking. All 5 of your points mentioned above.


    Just for reference:

    My UR has multiple communications types supported (though I do not know if my company had to purchase them separately):

    Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, RTDE

    I use Ethernet/IP with all my devices. They all go to my master PLC and I disperse the information from there.

    For Example, I have a barcode scanner that communicates its job result to the PLC... I then parse that information from the Barcode within the PLC and can send a single integer to the Cobot telling it what product it is interacting with based on that parsed serial number. One big "IF" statement can control what movements and I/O are used based on the integer received from the PLC!


    UR is a great introductory Cobot and does not have a steep learning curve to get an application running.

    It has a great network of support and plenty of "off the shelf" add-ons/software to choose from.

    If you haven't already: I would recommend downloading the operations manual and the Polyscope manual from UR's website to get to know the Cobot controller while you wait for its arrival.

    Also they offer free "UR Academy" on their website as well to get you a little introduction to the Cobot.

    - JV

  • Hi JV,

    Do you have experience using UR cobots for welding applications? Even if you don't have this experience, I would like to pick your brain on the capabilities of these cobots.


  • Hello Classy,

    I have not used a UR Cobot in a welding application yet. But this is commonplace with Cobots and Industrial Robots.

    From a UR Cobot standpoint, please look at the UR+ Website to see if there is an existing off-the-shelf solution for you (search "Welding")! There are UR+ partners that have developed easy-to-use software and hardware bundles to get your application up and running fast. I recommend UR+ solutions because they severely decrease the amount of engineering time to develop an application for your company's needs.

    UR+ Website: UR+

    Please feel free to ask me any more questions you can think of.

    - JV :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • JV,

    I have scoped out the UR website and they do have welding cobots. Of course, the customer reviews on their website are glowing reviews and sound great. However when I go to online forums discussing these cobots, most of the posts are not impressed with the equipment.

    This is why I thought to ask you of your personal experience, if you have any, with welding cobots.

    I think I will take a sales meeting with them, if they ever get back to me.

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