CAM software for 7-axis

  • Hello,

    I am planning to get a KR20 R3100 Iontech robot, and a rotary table, to mill speaker cabinets out of wood.

    I am wondering about the CAM software, Solid Works looks like a good option for creating the model, and then there is FreeMill in VisualCAM to create the tool path.

    Will this work for 7-axis?

    What is the relevant Kuka software?

    What do people suggest?


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  • You will need to get a software to convert your gcode into robot language,

    RoboDK (my recommendation), Sprutcam, Powermill robot, and Mastercam Robot can all do this for you

    You "Could" get Kuka CNC package on your robot that would allow you to natively run Gcode directly, but id still recommend running it through a simulation software such as the ones I mentioned.

    If you are only going to set up to mill the same things over and over again, you could also get someone to do this for you without having the time and costs of learning and buying the software to do it

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