ABB S4c+ M2000 FLASH DISK 64MB don't work after clone ( the original and the clone)

  • Hi

    I have a couple of robots with a S4c+ M2000 and one had a problem with the disk and I try to clone a Flash drive from another to resolve it.

    After I cloned, the original disk and the clone disk don't boot the robot.

    Now I have the two robots that don't boot.

    I can read the files in the Pc but the robot can't boot .

    The teach pendant show counting numbers .......

    After connecting the flash disk to a Windows 7 PC to perform a backup with "Macrium Reflec" the robot is on the waiting screen and the red cpu led fixed.

    How can I resolve it ?


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  • Hi

    I made more tests after a read more in the forum.


    "You can get a new flash drive from ABB with the basic files loaded. Or (I don't endorse this) ghost your old drive to a new flash. The flash is set to FAT already. You can use Norton Ghost or similar. Then use Robinstall to install the new system. Perform a full backup first if you can to a floppy or USB.

    You can hook up a 9pin null modem cable to the MC Console port using Hyerterminal at 9600 baud connect to the CPU. Reboot the controller. Watch for activity on the PC. Usually you will see sector errors during startup. However, in my experience it is just best to replace to flash anyway."

    by robotfixr


    After Power, the teach pendant keeps counting ( I leave for one hour) and the result was the same.

    i connect by rs232 and It only shows the message of Amertican board...... and after that there is no more lines

    The status light is RED and the HDD is OFF. ( I think the system can't mounted the hdd)

    As show in the picture.

    The robot that was working and i made the original clone of the hdd, I put the hdd back in the pc (windows 98 and Macrium Reflec ) and I can read all the files are OK.

    I don't think is a bin corrupt image.

    I think that when I connect in the windows the system modified some basic file of the hdd.

    And now the abb robot don't recognize as a HDD.

    What are the basic files of a hdd Robot ?

    anyone had the same problem ?


  • In most cases, I don't believe you can simply look at a binary file and tell if it's corrupt or not.

    The HDD has a hidden partition that contains the boot and image files. If that was not part of the cloning process, then it will not work.

    As noted by robotfixr, a replacement flash drive from ABB comes with the partition and files already installed that are necessary to use the drive with the robot.

  • I understand that if a clone don’t have all partition s of the original it can’t work.

    But about the original? What happens ?

    The simple process of connect to a windows can delete that hidden partition ?

    Anyone can send me a backup of that partition so I make a restore to my hdd?


  • The key word here is hidden, windows will not delete without a verifying click. I've used Partition Wizard in the past to view, build, and modify partitions. I would start there.

    If the original was not modified, I refer back to post #3 as an option to fix without changing anything.

  • But about the original? What happens ?

    Nobody can tell you what happened for shure. Windows doesn't delete anything without confirmation, but:

    Windows creates a hidden folder 'system volume information' and sometimes makes a speed test with writing \ deleting some new data on the flash. May be something has gone been wrong during that process. Or the robot has problems with the folder 'system volume information'.

  • After some tests, and I still haven't been able to clone a disk.

    The strangest thing is that the original disc I try to copy from, no longer work on the robot.

    At the moment I have 4 robots stopped.

    I was checking with (Partition Wizar, Macrium Reflec) and did not find the second hidden partition.

    After reading some forum posts I came to these conclusions (THEORETICS):

    1-I see many comments but they are all theoretical

    2-I have not seen anyone who has successfully cloned a disk (S4c + M2000), I have already seen comments from an IRc5 and successfully backed up with Acronis and AOMEI Backuper and unsuccessfully with Norton Ghost.

    3- I think (S4c + M2000) uses the ABB S4C + VxWorks system "low level", which does not use a organizes type like windows file system

    1. The startup process of the VxWorks system: a section of VxLD (LD or loader) code on the boot sector of the boot disk starts to run, and then VxLD loads the bootrom.sys file in the root directory
    2. Since there is no file system when VxLD boots, bootrom.sys must be the first file on the partition and must be stored continuously.

    4-I don't think there are two partitions, but only one with 2 or 3 hidden files from ABB (BOOTROM.SYS / ..... / ......)

    and that the first file in the system must be BOOTROM.SYS

    5-When I connect an abb drive on windows to make a clone, windows change the order of that file and from there it no longer starts on the robot.

    6-I doubt that you'll be able to clone it with a windows machine, let alone through a SATA adapter.

    I'd recommend that you go on a scavenging hunt and dig up the oldest PC you can find, one with native IDE, and then run either linux or dos and do a raw (bit for bit) copy of your existing (functioning) drive / module.

    7-I was going to try this kind of software:

    but i have 4 robots stopped, before i do, can anyone have expeirence and help me?


    (I ask you to correct me if I transmitted any wrong information)

  • At this point it might be best to contact your local (country's) ABB office and obtain the correct hardware. Regrettably there's the possibility that money will need to be spent to solve your problem.

    You may want to investigate the manual HERE

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  • paulofutre10

    Changed the title of the thread from “ABB S4c+ M2000 FLASH DISK 128MB don't work after clone ( the original and the clone)” to “ABB S4c+ M2000 FLASH DISK 64MB don't work after clone ( the original and the clone)”.
  • you have a corrupt system I had the same issue once there's 2-3 files missing on the flash disk allow the system to boot your need to find them you must of removed or deleted them if you have a spare flash disk copy the hole drive over then at startup delete system reinstall with robinstall

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