Kuka LBR IIWA 7 Estimating Applied Force for End Effector

  • Hello,

    I am on a Kuka LBR iiwa 7 r800. I have a question regarding Force estimation for the robot's tool frame. I am working with FRI, and I need force measurements applied to the tool during contact. Actually, I can read the joint torque sensor data in the FRI session. How can I map those measurements to estimated force values for the end-effector? I don't want to use an additional force sensor to measure the interaction force for the end-effector.

    Does anyone has experienced calculating force applied to the tool frame in this forum? I want to emphasize that I need calculations in the FRI not KLI session. To ask my question differently, how can we transmit custom information from KLI to FRI?

    Thanks in advance

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