kss 5.6.x - krc2.bin

  • Hello.

    krc2 has MFC2 ISA card and for MFC2 there are 2 versions of DSE-IBS cards DSE IBS 3.02(older) & DSE IBS C33(newer)

    I have a robot with mfc2 & dse-ibs 3.02 and an other robot with mfc2 & dse-ibs c33

    DSE IBS 3.02 uses file INTERNAT\KRCSETUP\KRC\ROBOTER\DSE\KRC2.bin installation file

    and DSE IBS C33 INTERNAT\KRCSETUP\KRC\ROBOTER\DSE\KRC2_C33.bin installation file

    I have kss 5.4.10 and kss 5.6.10 and in both kss versions installation file INTERNAT\KRCSETUP\KRC\ROBOTER\DSE\KRC2.bin is missing but exists KRC2_C33.bin so these kss versions work only with DSE-IBS C33 not with DSE-ISB 3.02 .

    I found KRC2.bin from a other vss 5.4.10 installation files and copied to kss 5.4.10 files so now kss 5.4.10 installation works with DSE-IBS 3.02.

    I have tried KRC2.bin file from vss 5.4.10 to kss 5.6.10 but does not work.. work only with kss 5.4.10.

    So my question is has anyone kss/vss 5.6.x installation that has KRC2.bin file that works with DSE-IBS 3.02 or does not exist at all KRC2.bin file for

    kss/vss 5.6.x ?

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  • Ok

    but kss v5.4.10 installation i had does not included KRC2.bin originally so not worked with DSE IBS 3.02

    only with DSE IBS C33 but after copied (a weird hack) KRC2.bin file from VSS 5.4.10 installation

    to KSS 5.4.10 installation now KSS works with DSE IBS 3.02.

    VSS 5.4.10 installation included KRC2.bin but no KSS 5.4.10

    Also i had other VSS < 5.4 installations that not included KRC2.bin ..

  • For both..

    KRC2.bin file from vss work to the same version kss

    vss has KRC2.bin file but KSS not.

    So if you copy KRC2.bin from VSS to KSS installation

    you can have KSS with DSE IBS 3.02 working.

    I have done that for 5.4.X versions

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