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  • At our facility we have three R-30iB M-10iA robots at our facility that are missing the Cell Setup menu within the teach pendant. Our resume speed is automatically set to 10% & we have no access to the cell setup menu to modify the production resume speed to our needs. I have tried the $SCR variable to modify but that is locked out also. We have fully purchased these robots from the integrator, I have reached out to fanuc to see if it is an additional package needing to be purchased but I am hoping to get any other possible solutions here! Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi RISKYexe,

    You didn't provide much information on what causes the pause so there are some system variables that might help you in this situation:








    Most of these variables are set to 30 or 10 by default, and can only to be changed in a controlled start.

    Of course, you don't need to change all of these. The variables manual will explain what all of these are, and what signal will trigger this variable.

    Hope that helps.

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