Irb4400 error 39207

  • Good day everyone,

    The company where I work have a IRB4400 with a SC4+ controller and we are having a issue with one of the axis since weeks ago.

    The error says that it have a short circuit on the first joint (attached image), we tried several this like change the drive (it appears the same error on the first axis but not in the one we changed), we also change the motor 1 for the one of the second axis (the axis one works but the second not).

    We tough that the motor were the problem but we buy another one and it’s appears the same error (short circuit irb1).

    I really don’t know what I can do to fix it and I can’t find any information about this error and how to fix it. Only ABB posibles solutions (checking cables, what we already did and change the motor).

    I really appreciate any help or tip that you can give me.

    Best Regards!

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  • If you have swapped the amplifier and the motor, that leaves the cable in between

    I have had cable test good with an ohmmeter but check bad with an insulation tester (megger).

    A detailed examination of the cables and wires may find the issue. As Reboot said, the robot-to-controller cable is a great place to start.

  • The weird thing is when we changed the motor of the axis 2 and put on the axis 1 the first Axis move with out problem. I checked today with the insulation tester and all the cable are good.

    I going to try to change the smb

    Thanks a lot for your help

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