Application button of flange doesn't work anymore

  • Hello everyone, I think I made a big mistake today. :/

    I am on a kuka iiwa r800 with the ellectric touch flange.

    I was checking the voltages of the pins of the X3 port to be sure if everything was working the way it is suppose to.

    Unfortunately I made contact several cables which created a spark... a little short circuit I think (or a big one).

    Since the application button of the flange (the green button) no longer works ...

    All the outputs of the X3 are working perfectly and the 24V power supply is fine.

    I can not test the other entry ... but I suppose I broke something on the acquisition part.

    Are the inputs protected by a security that should be reactivated or a part to be replaced?
    Have I completely toasted part of the flange ?

    Any ideas on the source of the problem are very welcome.

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  • ouch...

    since some of the I/O work, flange has power and it communicates with controller. so whatever damage occurred is local to the flange. vaporized wire or PCB trace or smoked something on the PCB...

    IIWA can be repaired which requires sending it back to Germany... except..............

    local KUKA team may be able to do swap of the flange in some cases. (the only part of IIWA that can be serviced in field).

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    3) read 1 and 2

  • Well this is what I feared.

    I will contact the support to know what i have to do so...

    Thank you for your answer.

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