Can IMSTP, SFSPD, and Enable be tied together?

  • I'm installing a used robot and planning on controlling it from a hardwired PLC. Since the IMSTP, SFSPD, and Enable signals all turn on and off together; is it bad practice to use a single PLC output to control all three and jumper them together at the robot input card?

  • Sometimes I do it, it works without any problems. But mind that there are differences in robot's behaviour according to those signals. If it's not a problem for you, feel free.

    Do you have a modular (physical ) I/O? Configure it as the same signal (rack ,slot, start = the same for all of them) and then you save two more ins for other purpose. Sometime I also do it even with Profibus, Profinet, DvNet, etc., because I'm lazy :winking_face:

    When needed I also "cross" 4 signals: IMSTP, Hold, SFSPD, Enable - they also could work together.

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