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    I have a crazy Idea where I am using circular line tracking with a R2000ib/150u robot with R30iA controller to track a part that is being bent in a press brake. so basically the press brake bends and the robot moves with the part for support. The issue I am having is we may use many different dies with various parts, most of the dies are random height. Because I am using circular line tracking I need to setup my tracking frame axis at the height of whichever dies I am using, so I sort of need to have the height adjustable on this tracking frame, this is where it gets tricky/impossible? I know the tracking frame gets saved in system variables, under $LNSCH[1].$TRK_FRAME, I can go in there and manually edit it, it seems to be in a standard Uframe format, I need to be able to adjust these values. attached are pictures showing where the system variables are, and some code I have been messing with to try and pull those numbers. If anyone knows how this can be done or another method, would be greatly appreciated, I have been trying different stuff for a couple days now.


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    You will need karel to access the elements of a frame stored in the system variable. I tried extensively several years ago, and Karel is the only way.

    Another option though, which I am not sure will work with circular tracking, is to use the tracking uframe, and offset the frame prior to the move.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • Thanks Nation for the response!

    I am very grateful for the advice, I do happen to have karel, so I guess I will explore how that works, I just might have to start a thread on that :)

    The tracking uframe does not work for circular line tracking, I was a little excited when I first had that idea a few weeks ago.

    thanks again for the help!

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