Detecting collision in Robogiude and setting DI.

  • Hello Mates,

    While waiting for robot to arrive I'm working at a new and I hope better method to set UTools and UFrames.

    I would like to use steel probe with sphere tip mounted in an end effector grip. Firstly I want to check in RG if my measure and calculate programs works well.

    Instead of setting on DI manually when tip reaches wall I'd like to use RG build in collision detection to set DI automatically but I can't see such option.

    Have you any idea if there is an option in RG to set specified DI while end effector or a part holded in it collide with "fixtures" or machine/machine links?

    Or maybe I have to go more around and set DCS areas in every hole/sphere with different DI when end effector DCS model will try to go out/get into the zone?

  • Thank you!

    I overlooked it and set collision detection only in end effector and cell objects menus.

    Now it works perfect.

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