Problems with touch sensor

  • Good morning,

    I have a problem with touch sensing, i programmed the source of the piece, using the macro TCH and saving in a variable point, like P61. When i use shift on before the welding point, it shifts my point, if i modify the point to the joint, and simulate again passing the shift, it will be wrong, like 20mm far the joint.

    Controller: DX100

    ComArc 4

    Configuration of Macro TCH

    AutoTeach 0=off | 0 | 0, 1-2

    Robot Position 1 | REGIST | Start

    Robot Position 2 | REGIST | Surface1

    Robot Position 3 | REGIST | Surface2

    Search Speed | 150 | cm/min

    Shift variable | 61 | Pvar #

    Search Type | 2 | 1-2

    Rapid Input # | 2 | 1-6

    The angle of the touch and the welding point is the same and the tool is the same.

    Someone knows the reason of the point is always out of my joint?

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  • Did you tried with shift On and just then modify the points?

    Hold Interlock and TestStart before Shift on and after it pass it try to modify the points.

  • Don't modify the points after the shift. The program should be taught then the TCH added after. If the weld positions are modified the TCH needs reprogrammed. Always modify weld positions with shift off then reteach TCH.

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