transferring data from vision system to robot

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    Good Morning , I'm sorry for doing this privately . Well i'm an electrical engineering student ,and i'm currently working on a project . I want to connect a kuka robot with a camera for a pick and place application without any intermediaire for the image process (No PC) . I've seen some really interesting smart cameras that can measure the exact location of the piece but i'm confused about how to send this coordinates to the robot controller . Also i thought that the camera will do all the image processing thing but my supervisor that the motor controller wil do the image processing and the camera will only capture an image and send it . What do you think about that . Please if you have any documents or references don't hesitate to share it with me .

    Thank you

    lets try to keep track of terminology...

    "camera" is just that... a camera. it takes an image... image processing takes place elsewhere.

    "vision system" is a system that combines camera and image processing device.

    sometimes camera and image processing are combined into one unit, for example Cognex InSight line of products.

    sometimes one can install image processing onto existing hardware (robot controller for example). this is the case of Cognex VisionPro which is also used as a basis of Kuka.VisionTech.

    regardless where the image processing takes place, there is a need to exchange data with target system (robot).

    as always communication can only work when both sides speak the same language. and if robot or vision system do not have native support, such communication capability will need to be installed as an option.

    in case of KUKA this could be either some sort of fieldbus (Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet or whatever) or socket TCP/IP (EthernetKRL).

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