P50 paint robot with RJ2 Error code INTP303(PATPRJOB 299) Specified value

  • I have a used P50 paint robot we have just set up.

    after every 4 job runs, I get INTP-303 (PATPRJOB 299) Specified value.

    To clear it I have to shut the Robot down and wait for a restart.

    I have searched through the menues and selection and cannot find a job 299 or any other jobs calling it.

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  • Still have not been able to resolve this error.

    I have searched throughout the machine and cannot find a program PATPRJOB.

    It occurs no matter which job I am running and comes up regularly at the end of the 5th run.

    The robot returns to the origin point, but the fan continues to run and the slide does not return the part to the operator.

  • As Hazard says, your problem is on line 299 of the karel program named patprjob. Check your autoexec program to see if that's what's starting it. I'm assuming that whoever you bought it from used didn't give you their karel source code?

  • Paint robot use Paint tool, a Karel program that is running in the robot Controller.

    There are a lot of Karel Programm that are running in background, and if something happen, usually when an array index is outside the array dimension , Paint Tool abort itself and the robot need a restart.

    Before it happen , there are other Error message or warning message?

    Are you using the Color change Option?

    Have you checked the Application Parameter Configuration and the data Preset value?

    Is it a line tracking Robot?

  • It is a simple program, No line tracking, No macro, No color change.

    I checked the parameters for color change and they are all cleared.

    No macros in the listing.

    No line tracking set up.

    I could not find anything in the auto exec program.

    I agree it seems like a Karel program name, I

    I just don't have access or the knowledge where the program is.

    I only get the one error message, INTP-303 ( PATPRJOB), 299.

    And No I do not have the Karel source code.

    Only way I have is through the teach pendant.

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