Accuracy IRBP A

  • Hi, I’m new here and I hope for a discussion about my robot setup. I’m working with a welding cell where I have an ABB robot arm IRB 2600 with a Fronius weldgun mounted, also in the cell I have an ABB 2 axis positioner IRBP A.

    When the axis on the positioner is locked at zero angle the TCP precision is accurate if I jog to the work object. But if I rotate axis 1 and 2 and jog to the same work object the precision can be up to 5 mm incorrect in x,y,z.

    Does someone have the experience for precision with the IRBP A and how good can the accuracy be? If so, how can I improve my setup? Can I improve the configuration of the TCP and positioner?

  • Test the accuracy of your TCP by reorienting around a single point, if the TCP drifts while reorienting, your TCP is not accurately defined. When creating an accurate TCP, you must challenge the limits of the robot by using points with different configurations and orientations. If only a slight difference in the pose is used when using the 4 point method, your TCP will be incorrect in x, y,z when in different orientations.

  • Tanks for the response! I have test it and the TCP looks good with no drifting. Can it be the measurement of the base frame? I mark a dot on the plate of the positioner and pointed with the TCP for several positions for each axis. Do u have some experience how good the precision can be with the positioner? 5 mm sounds a lot..

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