KRC1 teach pendant qwerty keys not working

  • Hi,


    Teach Pendant keyboard stopped working after moving VGA-card and hard disk to an other cabinet and back.

    Display works and also keys around the display, but numbers and alfabets (qwerty) and arrow keys not

    When I press ALT+SHIFT+up arrow from TP, I get error message 1052 KCP: Transmission error --> something from the keyboard reaches the controller?

    Tested with 2 teach pendants, both have the same problem (maybe the fault is not in the TP?)

    Tested with 2 different control cabinets, but moving the VGA-card and hard disk from cabinet to cabinet --> same fault

    Is the VGA-card (X821) faulty? Any other possibility to search for remedy?

    External keyboard works

    KR C1

    GUI V2.2.8

    Core KS V2.38_16

    robot Type #KR15_2 Floor ZH02

    R1Mada V6.7.0

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  • first I have to apologize. I read the reasons for that on this or the german forum.

    I was not able to find them again by using the search function.

    The VGA card onyl provides the video signal; CAN Bus is used to transfer the data from KCP to vxworks.

    Therefore it could be

    MFC1 card

    internal wiring (MFC1) to the connector X19.

    bent, pushbacked pins on X19 or connector of KCP

    could be also a problem with vxworks (not sending the data to the windows side (BOF))

    I would start with the connector on mfc1

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