TP touchscreen issues - NX100 Controller - Yaskawa Motoman

  • Hello! My name is Ramiro, I'm from Argentina!

    Last year I bought a used Yaskawa Motoman SSA2000 with arcwelding torch and NX100 Controller.

    Today I was programming the Robot to make a weld in manual, and when I stopped it to change speed welding wire, the touchscreen of the TP disabled. The TP works correctly with buttons and cursor, but I can not use the touchscreen to make other adjustements nor reset alarms from system errors.

    On the other hand, my used robot has low battery charge, so I had to buy a new ER6V Battery Pack for it, but I'll have to wait for them 2 weeks from now (I bought @amazonUSA cause I couldn't find them here in Argentina). This causes a problem (Alarm 4228) that can only be reseted from the touchscreen panel.

    I wonder how could I enable touchscreen to continue working with the Robot correctly?

    Thanks for your attention!

  • Not that it fixes your pendant issue, you can reset a minor alarm without using the touch screen. Press the AREA key and down arrow (cursor). Press the SELECT key to reset the alarm.

    You can try holding the INTERLOCK and AUX key. That is how you enable/disable the touch screen on newer controllers. If that doesn't work, you'd need to send it back to Yaskawa, take it apart and fix yourself, or order parts to throw parts at it.

    Yaskawa Brazil or Yaskawa Mexico should have batteries in stock. Yaskawa USA has them. May not be as cheap but could be there in a day or two depending on your location in Argentina.

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  • Hi 95devils!

    Thank you for answering my thread! I could finally unlock the touchscreen by following your instructions! :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    On the other hand, I already bought the battery packs and they're coming to Argentina in the next week or so!

    Again, thank you for taking the time to sort out my problem! :winking_face:

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