Issues with CURPOS(0,0), Frames and Move Instructions

  • Hello there,

    I've wrote a program that gets the current position of the robot and stores it in a PR via CURPOS(0,0). The program gets the position as expected. The issue is that I then want to move to that point via the TP but the points are for some reason diferent. I suppose that's due to frames issues, probably the program is using diferent frames for getting the current position and for moving it but I've been unable to find how to fix this. I've read the karel manual about position data and frames, but I'm still confused and stuck. I haven't made any operations with frames, changed or added any frame related instructions. Any suggestions on where I should look, what I should try or where I can get an example or so?

    Thanks in advance, the help I've been getting in this forum (both to my question and by reading other's posts) has been very useful for someone like me who recently started working with robots and with FANUC! :)

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  • Nevermind, I've found my problem, some weeks ago when I created the workcell while doing the configuration tutorial I set up a TCP 50mm aways from the faceplate and that was causing the difference between the karel and TP program.

    Anyway, seems like simply posting the issues here gives insight on the solution, even before receiving replies :D

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