RoboGuide Simulation program I/O for PP switches not updating

  • I am working on a simulation in RoboGuide wherein I need to prioritize picking/placing parts based on the status of part present sensors (PPS).

    I know that these are dependent upon Simulation programs.

    My issue is that when I hit the run/play button, my cell (that used to work back in June) seems to no longer trigger changes in the PPS inputs on my robot, so it keeps looping the same pick and place instead of indexing to the next station for picking/placing. If it helps, the parts also were not appearing/disappearing when I ran the simulation.

    When I ran in Teach/Step and forced the appropriate PPS I/O after each pick/drop, the program ran correctly and as expected.

    Insight on what settings to verify are appreciated! I'm more of a real-world robot girl myself. I can fight with a real PPS with the best of them, but I am just not as familiar with their functionality in the virtual world.

    Thank you in advance!

    Primary robot language: Fanuc.

    Secondary robot languages: Motoman, KUKA, ABB, Denso.

    Primary robot field: Automotive.

    Secondary robot fields: Material Handling, Palletizing.

    Expertise: Fanuc DCS software.

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  • Not a lot of setup particular information in your OP, but I'll throw a few ideas that come to mind...After typing below and re-reading your OP, I believe Option #2 may be your issue?

    1.) Ensure your Simulation Jobs have Pickup and Drop instructions in them with the appropriate Fixture, Part and End Effector selected.

    2.) If that checks good, make sure in the RUN Panel you have "Collect Profile Data", under the Collection section checked. As the description next to it says "also enables pick/place animations".

    3.) If all that is good, make sure you have the I/O setup correctly under the Simulation Tab under each Properties page for your Fixture and End Effector.

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