NX100 CIO (50070 Running)

  • Hey Guys, does the specific IO 50070 only come one when the robot is in auto with a program called? I cant seen to figure it out.

    The manual Says:

    This signal indicates that the manipulator is running. That is, the manipulator is either
    executing jobs, ready for reserved starting, ready for multi-series starting, or
    performing test run. This signal is synchronized with the state of the “START” button
    on the programming pendant.

    Does this mean it would come on if INTERLOCK + FWD is pressed? Closing the hand requires this bit and I am trying to figure it out.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • That light comes on just when stepping forward to a point? I never noticed on the teach pendant. I'll have to look at it tomorrow.


    When FWDing the START lamp will turn on until that line is done. It will go out until you FWD to the next step.

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