KRC2 - Arc tech weave with a welding positioner

  • Hi,

    I am using a KRC2 ED5, Kuka KR16 welding robot to weld flanges onto pipes.

    The pipe is mounted on a rotary table , driven with a kuka sevro motor configured as a 7th axis.

    The arc tech software will happily weld in a mechanical weave pattern whilst the welding torch is moving between two positions , but in this application the 7th axis rotates the pipe and the welding torch stays in one fixed position.

    My question is how to enable the weave patterns in the direction of the rotating weld seam without the torch traveling forwards ?

    I have tried writing a custom weave pattern to include motion for the 7th axis , but that appeared to corrupt the arc tech config and I had to re-install the software :frowning_face:

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

  • you always have to move the robot (maybe 0.1 mm in any direction(could could use rel vor that)

    you also could prevent moving the robot with OV= 0%.

    With these conditions your problem should be solved

  • You are right, I tried a small move this afternoon and it does indeed enable the weave pattern to begin.

    I need to re-configure the 7th axis a tomorrow morning before I can fully test a complete 360 deg weld but I'm sure it is going to work just fine.

    Although I'm not clear what is the reason for setting OV=0% ?

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