Safety Light Curtains

  • if some can die from milling foam with a robot...

    then people shouldn't be using angle grinders, cuss their boss will go to jail.

    Absolutely it could happen and a whole host of other injuries to limbs, eyes, ingesting caused by flying debris, damaged tooling.

    Containing the working environment and protection against man/machine falls under your regions regulations.

    Which you should adhere to, as in the event of an accident and seriousness of injury caused, could result in some form of investigation (again region dependent).

    Irrespective of whom installs, supplies and uses it, should an event occur, you are ALL responsible.

    Additional to this, you could be responsible for causing injury or worse to yourself/colleague/friend/family member and have to live with the guilt of short cutting regulations that could have prevented the event in the first place.

    Irrespective of application, these regulations should be applied, they are there for a reason.

    Totally agree with SkyeFire statements and quite frankly sent shivers down my spine and I hope your write up gives them the kick up the ass they need as that is a ticking time bomb.

    This is the point that is trying to be made, but your choice of words has been read as a total ignorance and naivety - which you may not of intended.

    Remember this is a public forum sharing advice and resolutions and at the forefront of EVERYONES mind is safety and going home to the family safe and sound at the end of the day is paramount.

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